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Hi! I'm Cyrus Dadachanji, a.k.a. Gypsycy. I am a thirty-something Citizen-Of-The-World, who is presently based in Mumbai, India's bustling commercial capital. A gypsy at heart and a writer by profession, I am a travel and food journalist, storyteller, non-fiction film and TV scriptwriter, researcher, advertising copywriter and poet, all rolled into one. I live to travel and my wanderlust has taken me to Europe, U.K, Africa, South East Asia, and many parts of India. I am a creature of the road, and have driven over 100,000 kilometres across various parts of India - many of them off the beaten track. As much as I savour the joy of travel, I enjoy sharing the beauty of the worlds I discover, with those who may not be as fortunate. But I hope to inspire them to follow in my footsteps...someday.

Come, discover a bit about your world, through my eyes.



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