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Ramblin Man

' They call me the breeze; I keep blowin' down the road'.

In the words of the inimitable J.J. Cale, I am a born wanderer. It is only when circumstantial compulsions (like having to earn enough to support oneself and pay for the next holiday) tie me down, that I lay down my haversack and start planning for my next sojourn. In this manner, I have rambled across Africa, backpacked in Europe, steeped myself in culture in the UK and traipsed across much of South East Asia. My craving to discover more about the country I live in has literally drawn me to its four corners. From the emerald green backwaters of Kerala, to the pristine Himalayas; from the world's largest river island to a land of a hundred lakes in the deep North Eastern border region, I have explored these regions like a child in a candy store, and written about many of them. This section of my site has articles and first hand accounts of my travels to a few exotic (and some not-so exotic) parts of the world.


Asia & The Middle East





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